Ankle Foot Drop AFO Brace Orthosis Splint Leaf Spring Recovery Equipment Injection Molded


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1.Adjustable liner, according to their own needs to adjust the position, comfortable wear

2.Integrated design, light weight, semi hard texture, correct foot drop and strephexopodia

3.Figure 8 strap design, good fixation

4.Overall magic design, easy to adjust the tightness

5.The bottom tread design, leisurely walk

6.Left and right foot design, can be trimmed at the foot


Product Size: S M L

S: suitable for foot length 22-24cm

M: suitable for foot length 24-25.5cm

L: suitable for foot length 25.5-27.5cm  


Suitable for people:    

A: Foot amyosthenia, phil side nerve palsy caused by such as foot drop, caused by cerebral capillary accident pedal    

B: Carry on with foot drop caused by various diseases  

Product Merit:      

A:Thermoplastic ankle foot orthoses made of polypropylene, his half hard soles in swing phase to assist the toe, easy to wear, leg and calf pad wear very comfortable, portable products, clean health.


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