5pcs/Set Network Ethernet Cable Tester RJ45 Kit Crimper Crimping Tools Punch Down RJ11 Cat6 Wire Detector XXM8


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5pcs/Set Network Ethernet Cable Tester RJ45 Kit Crimper Crimping Tools Punch Down RJ11 Cat6 Wire Detector XXM8
100% brand new and high quality.
Cable Crimper:
1.Portable style with perfect shape.
2.The mouth of the press-pliers is made of magnanic steel, which ius hard and durable.
3.It will not damage the shelled-wire and work convieniently with high efficiency.
4.While using press-pliers, just insert the modular plug into its position and press it.
5.Suitable for Cat5 and Cat5e cable with 8P8C plugs
6.FREE wire stripper included.
Cable Tester:
1.Test correspondingly double-twisted cables 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and Ground
2.Capable to judge wrong connection, short circuit and open circuit
3.Cable Tester for RJ11, RJ12, RJ45, Cat 5e, Cat 5, 10/100 Base-T, AT & T 258 A, TIA-568A / 568B .etc
4.It can easily clarify cable, continuity, open and short.
5.Verifying Cable continuity, open, short and cross wire pair up to 1000ft with remote kit.
6.9 LED lights to indicated wiring connection on both remote and master unit
7.Auto scanning function for rapid testing.
8.Grounding Test
9.Build in power switch for power saving
10.Operate with one 9V battery (Not Included)
Punch Down Impact Tool:
1.Blades precisely insert and economically trim wire
2.Durable punch down tool, makes network installation all that easy
3.The only tool you\'ll ever need to add, change or remove connections
4.Can be used on shielded or unshielded twisted pair cables to 110 / keystone jacks
5.A specially-designed wire hook removes terminated conductors
6.A blade helps to easily remove the blocks from back mount frames
7.This is a punchdown tool for putting wires into sockets, patch panels or outlets
8.Universal scissors cut a variety of cable types, including 20 AWG to 26 AWG, and type 1 foam-insulated conductors
9.Specially designed tool for terminates and trims wires with one low-impact punch, bring new ease and speed to all of your installations

Package Includes:
1 x with three crimping pliers
1 x 468 tester
1 x KD-1 wire cutter
1 x Small card knife
1 x Bag